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I own a BBC Model-B with a broken switch-mode power supply. I was recently lent a 5 1/4" floppy disk drive and set out to extract the programs, source-code and data from my collection of disks from the 1980's.

I found these sites to be an invaluable resource: I used OmniDisk V3.6 in DOS, to make disc images. The following command sequence worked for me:
READ HEAD 0 TO c:\temp\images\cemetary.ssd
which caused OmniDisk to autodetect and read successfully.

'Cemetary' is a clone of Food-Fight but set in a Cemetary. The piles of food are replaced by snakes, teeth, garlic, bones and mud. The chefs are replaced by ghosts, skeletons, and frankenstein monsters, which rise up out of tombs that open and close. The melting ice-cream is replaced by a cross sinking into a swamp. For some reason the player is a clown trapped in an un-ending nightmare (no relation). If side-ways RAM is present (a DIP switch in MESS) then the 'Instant Replay' feature is enabled.

I have always been poor at spelling so it seems almost unbelievable that I didn't check the spelling of the name of the game. Oh, well. These days I've got a spell-checker...

Here is the start-up screen:

Instructions for playing Cemetary

Here is an action screen-shot:

Clown carrying teeth, ghost falling into tomb

Here is my current Hi-Score table:

High-Score Table

ChessNut screen-shot:

ChessNut chess-board display.

Here is the software, including source-code, Copyright (C) John Popplewell 2005
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